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What we do

Projects of social and cultural interest created by ApoioCultural in seeking sponsorship

The sponsor will always contact the author of the project and his team, which will assure credibility and ensure a perfect understanding, always aiming at the best outcome for the company.


Our team is formed by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the areas of cultural production and marketing (#grants,#noprofit), editorial projects, photography (#photo, #photographers), graphic design (#graphicdesign, #designers), research and multimedia.

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Presentation of projects

Our projects can be executed in one or more ways: Books and / or photographic exhibition and / or site (home page).

Our Projects in need of sponsorship:

Brazilian Snakes



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O Brazilian SNAKES Project The Project consists of a Portal on the Internet, a book (Field Manual), a children's book and a DVD. A digital version in several formats, the files on the DVD for download at the website and a photo exhibition.

In Portuguese and English, will be used for rapid and efficient identification of vipers, snakes, spiders, centipedes, scorpions, caterpillars, and aiding in the initial steps for dealing with accidents with poisonous animals.

The project is of fundamental importance animals in ecosystems. These animals are some of the key regulators of the natural population of rodents and insects and that they aid in the prevention of diseases and epidemics. The disclosure of this project in an accessible and dynamic assist in its preservation.

Twitter braziliansnakes

Favelas Cariocas 1970

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O PROJETO FAVELAS CARIOCAS 1970 consists of a book and a Photo Exhibition with the most representative photos of the project.
Through hundreds of photographs taken in the late 60th and early 70th decade and, as a counterpart to photographic records made today in the same places, will show the changes that these communities have in the past 40 years.

The project demystifies a lot of myths enabling a better understanding of these communities and helping to find solutions. Provides subsidies for the study and understanding of the phenomenon of "shanty towns" that affects most capital cities.

Casanova 70 - a no-frills show



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"CASANOVA 70 - a no-frills show", consists of a home page on the Internet and an art book. There are dozens of pictures of a transvestite show / artists taken in 1970 in BOATE CASANOVA, which was located in the neighborhood of Lapa, Rio de Janeiro. Photos taken backstage while dressed / made up and during the show.
In the middle of the bohemian Lapa. In the territory of Madame Satã, Nelson Gonçalves and popular figures of the time.
At that time, transvestite was taboo, this show was really shocking. It was the beginning of the gay movement in Brazil.




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O BRAZILIAN GLASS ART Project consists of a book and a traveling photo exhibition.

The book / photo exhibit will show the various techniques that can be used to manipulate the glass. Each technique taught, step by step by an experienced artist, on how to perform it.

Contains a history of the artist and his major works. It will be an important source of information for both the beginner and for the experienced artist.

Small scale Marine Fisheries in Brazil

baner_pesca artesanal


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Small Scale Marine Fisheries in Brazil consists of a website, an interactive multimedia file, a book and a traveling photo exhibition with the more representative pictures of the Project.

The Project through photographic records made in the main fishing grounds in the country is a beautiful pictorial document, of the various processes and techniques, of marine artisanal fishing used in the country.
It will also be a reference to the fisherman of the techniques used by other fishermens from the Brazilian coast. Will show the fishermen at work, equipment and techniques used in different regions of Brazil.

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